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Puntang=..... Roast beef curtains, motor boats, tuna bubble gum, swollen grundels, ass holes x 2, ear lopes (wierd??) puntang pie, bloody sewage pipe( aka ktd) huge nosteils with hair, zimmermans nipple hiar with a crevace, the heaving axe wound, bobby's pimpstache taco, jimmy's ass cheek peach fuze, ramrod's butt hole, aces full cavitity pull,PWB's wife beater that looks like a vagina with vaseiline, Tbones little, tugged in between his ass hole dildo, riskin's hairy fat girl's mustard,C&R's blow it up my ass hole sugar...Robdawg's delicious delight! BOOOOYAAAAA..... I'm hammmmmmeeeeerrrrrreeeeedddd!

Munch Box is going to make you look like teenage girl with
little boobs this weekend. You might at well shave off all
your pubes and stick your dick in balls between your cheeks
tonight so you will have an idea of what it's going to feel
like on Sunday. Also, I recommend you buy an economy pack of
tampons because the bleeding will be severe! Munch Box
drinks beer, plays smash mouth football and is an
experienced vagina muncher who can actually bring a girl to
orgasm. I think you should take yourself back to the days
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actually pretty good at it, she told me.Turn of the lights and I'll glow!Robdawg

The game of the week has taken a back seat to quite an exciting week for the flavas. It was a number of firsts for the Tboners in NYC. On saturday evening, I was extremely shocked to see some good old SAE's at Sh*ldon's birthday party at a club called ARE. I was there with two friends from home, a hot blonde, and 10 asians. Quite a group. In attendance was our very own short owners. To make a long story short, after four $350 bottles of Belve a lesbian show develops at our table. Two hot asians and this hot blonde who we shall refer to as Miss Kristy. Shit was hot. Then they invited my boy Johnny (whose girlfriend was a hot asian in the show) into the mix and now we have a full out makeout orgy going on. At this point its like a fuckin paparazzi at our table. Needless to say this Miss Kristy (hot blonde) was leading the group and her date (we will refer to this kid as cocksucker) was getting pissed. Cocksucker then proceeds to tell Johnny sister that he is going to be hit ass for kissing his date. Johnny's sister freaks out tells me, which immediately sets off my Irish fuse. The next step has to be one of the most glourious events in the Flavas history. Representing the famed Booberoo style (think Chuck O'Connel getting beat like he stole something), I walk up to this 6' foot kid grap his shirt, pull him down and jack in him in the face. Shit was on as we wrestled to the ground till security came. Obviously this story is better told in person as we got into a fight outside the club as well. The best part of the story is after we get kicked out, I walk up to his date and start making out with her and told him to leave. Like a dog between his tail he takes his cocksucking ass home. How bout them apples??? Late night she proceeds to show for the cameras as she blows on my finger and lets me play with the fun bags. I have the pictures to prove it as my boy Johnny began taking a photo shoot and directed us what to do. So win or lose, the flavas are ready for this week's matchup. I wish you all god speed and God bless America! Boooooooooobies!!!!










Let's Play Catch
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